A Fresh Take on Mang Inasal's Online Presence

We're excited to highlight one outstanding project that emerged from our web development bootcamp: Eunice Javier's impressive redesign of the Mang Inasal website.

Eunice's assignment was no small feat for someone without development experience. The challenge? Redesign a popular website with a minimum of five pages, ensuring responsiveness across all screen sizes. The objective was clear: to empower students with the confidence and skills to transform a design into a fully functional website using HTML and CSS.

"I chose Mang Inasal as my first project because I noticed their website could benefit from a redesign for a better user experience." Eunice shared. And so, her journey into the world of web development and design began.

Designing with Purpose: A Symphony of Colors and Layouts

Eunice approached the project with a discerning eye, identifying areas for improvement on Mang Inasal's original site. The color scheme underwent a transformation, simplifying to green, white, and black. Buttons, now in green and white, seamlessly integrated with a sleek black text backdrop, bringing cohesion to the homepage.

"I rearranged images and used different shades of white to organize sections better," Eunice explained. The result was a visually pleasing layout that enhanced user engagement.

Major changes included a new hero section featuring user-friendly buttons like "Order Now" and "Check Menu." The picture slideshow remained, but Eunice made it manual for a more interactive experience. Additional sections previewed other pages such as "News" and "About Us," each equipped with a direct link, ensuring easy navigation.

Consistency was key, and Eunice achieved it by implementing the same button style and colors across all pages. Her primary goal was crystal clear: to make the website effortlessly navigable for customers.

Overcoming Challenges: A Journey of Learning and Adaptation

Eunice candidly shared her challenges during the project, particularly with the design process and achieving text responsiveness. "I personally don't like designing," she confessed with a laugh, highlighting the struggle many beginners face. Despite initial difficulties, Eunice persevered, even incorporating Tailwind to address the text responsiveness issue.

The technologies at play included HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap. Eunice's resourcefulness and problem-solving skills shone through as she tackled errors head-on, gaining a deeper understanding of CSS and Bootstrap in the process.

Reflections and Achievements: A Testimonial from Eunice

Reflecting on her BASE404 experience, Eunice emphasized the confidence gained in independently designing and developing a functional website. "The experience gave me a deeper understanding of CSS and Bootstrap," she shared. The ability to adapt concepts to find solutions reinforced her resourcefulness, a valuable skill in the ever-evolving world of web development.

Eunice's parting advice for beginners echoes her own journey. "Dip your toe in the water," she suggests. "Learn HTML and CSS, create a project, and see if you enjoy the process. Learning the foundation is more important than mastering everything."

Eunice's testimonial mirrors the ethos of BASE404. If you're passionate about web development but constrained by a tight schedule and budget, BASE404 could be your ideal choice. Eunice, who had struggled to find accommodating and reasonably priced options, found her fit with BASE404.

"Bootcamp is just an option, and if you're looking for people who will guide you and are actually accommodating, study at your own pace, or attend live discussions, projects, and activities for a deeper understanding, BASE404 is a better option," Eunice advises.